The Modern Artrepreneur Podcast


What does it take to turn your art into a full time business?

Listen in as Christopher Eaton follows his entrepreneurial spirit with some of his own crazy projects and artistic ideas, from card games to mobile apps to e-books and other fantastical ideas. Chris will explore each idea, from development through execution and ultimately, success or failure. The Modern Artrepreneur will document Chris’ “unique” approach to navigating the waters of business with some helpful words from his friends and insightful interviews with people who’ve actually done it themselves.

The Modern Artrepreneur is an experiment in documentary storytelling through an amalgam of personal narratives and recorded interviews. Typically clocking in around half an hour, episodes are an honest portrayal of my (sometimes flawed) approach to creative projects, entrepreneurship and problem solving.

Our goal is to educate listeners that “there is no straight and narrow path” to navigating a creative project and by listening in on my particular process, hopefully you’ll learn some easy shortcuts and major issues to avoid. It’s also my hope that listeners will be inspired by some part of my mission and want to get involved with one of my projects!

The Modern Artrepreneur


Episode 8: Tips on Running a (somewhat) Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign (29:25)

Episode 7: Finding the Right Self Publisher (24:24)

Episode 6: Launching Another Podcast (23:48)

Episode 5: Dinner’s Ready! (34:11)

Episode 4: Storytelling Has Many Forms (21:10)

Episode 3: A Podcasting Record Label (24:25)

Episode 2: Let’s Make a Card Game! (26:22)

Episode 1: The Modern Artrepreneur (26:12)

The Modern Artrepreneur – Teaser (5:40)

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