02: Let’s Make a Card Game!

The Modern Artrepreneur

On this episode of The Modern Artrepreneur, Chris Eaton looks back on the experiences that cultivated his love of card games, from Gold Arrow Camp, to college frat parties, to making friends in Australia and the more modern spin on the genre.

Chris then digs into the evolution of developing his own card game, soon to launch through the use of crowdsourcing. Whether it’s a portrait of Adolf Hitler in his grandfather’s “war museum,” the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, or Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram pictures (of food), inspiration can, and does, strike at any moment.

This is the origin story of the Dinner’s Ready! card game.

This episode features interviews with criminal defense attorney Samuel Knox Eaton Jr., game designer Eric Parker, Brittany Faull and Merilee Eaton.