The MYSTERY TIN PODCAST NETWORK (MTPN) is a family of podcasts covering a variety of topics from personal motivation and entrepreneurship to physical fitness and conspiracy theories. If you’re an avid podcast listener or just starting out, tune into the MTPN because we’ve got a little something for everyone!


The MAD Potential Podcast explores the importance of motivation, accountability, and desire in achieving your personal goals. Ben Mehl, an accomplished author, speaker, and personal trainer, will discuss these concepts (and more!), through personal essays and interviews with successful people, in hopes of inspiring you to recognize your own MAD Potential. Coming in June! 

The Flex Your Face Podcast is the official podcast of the Flex Your Face community, hosted by founder Ryan Esbjerg, looking to ignite your life through the celebration of the small moments in your day. Promoting a positive lifestyle while emphasizing the monumental importance of gratitude, Ryan asks “What have you always wanted to do?”…and then empowers you to go do it! Coming in July! 

The Drawing Board. Listen in as Chris Eaton follows his entrepreneurial spirit with some of his own “crazy” ideas, from “drawing board” beginning through execution and ultimately, success or failure. All while receiving some helpful words from his friends and insightful interviews with people who’ve actually done it before. Coming Soon!

These podcasts (and more!) will be rolling out this summer on the MYSTERY TIN PODCAST NETWORK so tune in! Follow the MTPN on Twitter at @mysterypodcasts for the latest releases, information and more!


The MTPN Team

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